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Innovating since 2013

Founded in Oslo, Norway, in 2013, Autopay Technologies (originally 2Park Technologies AS) embarked on a mission to revolutionize the parking industry. Our vision was bold and clear: to dismantle the norms of traditional parking by eliminating barriers and friction. In 2014, we launched our groundbreaking fully digital parking management systems using ANPR technology, setting a new benchmark for seamless, ticketless, and paperless parking experiences.

Today, our focus has evolved to encompass a fully digital, comprehensive business platform for operators. This platform isn't just an evolution; it's a complete redefinition of parking within the mobility ecosystem. It's a world of automation, increased profitability, and a sustained competitive edge.

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Our roots and growth: The Indigo partnership

Indigo Management AS, with decades of experience in the parking industry, stands as our proud owner. Their expertise and deep domain knowledge have been instrumental in shaping the Autopay platform. Under the ownership of Snorre Bentsen and his sons, Kenneth and Rune, Indigo has been transforming its operating companies using our technology, staying true to its long-term family business ethos.

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Join our mission

We’re on a quest to reshape the world of parking and mobility. By joining the Autopay team, you become part of a vibrant team dedicated to building a digital Mobility Business Platform. This platform is connecting parking, EV-charging, tolling, and beyond. Here, you'll harness the latest technology trends and contribute to the future of mobility.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Autopay, we don’t just look to the future; we’re building a sustainable one. Our solutions lead the charge in making the parking industry more asset-light, reducing the need for physical materials. By operating without barriers, tickets, or paper, and minimizing resource use for asset maintenance, we’re actively lowering our customers' carbon footprint.

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