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Autopay Technologies AS

Autopay Technologies (formerly 2Park Technologies AS) was established in Oslo, Norway in 2013. The vision was to challenge the traditional Parking industry by removing gates and friction, and introduce the world’s most customer friendly parking solution. The first cutting-edge fully digital parking management systems utilizing ANPR-technology were deployed in 2014, which set a new standard for a seamless, ticketless, and paperless parking experience.

We are currently expanding our focus to include a fully digital, comprehensive business platform for operators, which will redefine parking within the mobility ecosystem. This platform offers limitless opportunities to automate operations, increase profitability, and maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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Our owners

Indigo Management AS has a long-standing history in the parking industry and is the owner of several Parking Operators. Indigo has shared valuable domain knowledge to help build the Autopay platform, which also is used to transform the business of Indigos operating companies.

For the last 30 years, car parking, real estate, and financial investments have been the main activities. Indigo has always been a long term oriented family business, currently owned by Snorre Bentsen and his two sons, Kenneth and Rune.

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Join us in revolutionizing the parking industry- as we build Autopay - a digital Mobility Business Platform that connects and digitizes parking, EV-charging, tolling, and much more. As part of our team, you'll have the opportunity to apply the latest technology trends and help shape the future of mobility.


Autopay has a goal to support a more sustainable future within the parking industry. Our solutions contribute to the customers becoming more asset-light and reduce their need for materials. We have a technology that makes it possible to operate barrier-less, ticket-less and paper-less, while at the same time reducing the need of resources to maintain the assets. Overall, we decrease your carbon-footprint

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