Free Flow Parking Management System

Reduce friction with Free Flow: one easy-to-use and flexible solution, solving parking challenges across all segments. Everything is digitalised in a customer-centric solution with industry leading Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology.

Cars in parking garage

01How it works

Seamless parking experience

  • With Autopay, all the customer needs to do is park.
  • We install front and back cameras to maximise the read rate at the entry and exit points of your parking facilities.
  • These cameras capture the License Registration Number, when the parking starts and ends.
  • Price is calculated automatically.
  • Our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) solution supports all types of licence plates.

Automatic payment

  • After the customer has registered a profile and a payment card at autopay.io, the charge occurs automatically.
  • Other payment options include invoice, at the payment machine or online within 48 hours.

Online management

  • Interactive dashboards and real-time analytics to understand your customers and track your business performance.
  • Provides possibilities with dynamic pricing, EV charging, integrations with customer clubs, flexible tariff structures and more.

Revenue optimization

  • Less need for physical equipment. No barriers, columns, or ground work.
  • Less need for an onsite pay-station.
  • No service and maintenance, no need for onsite personnel and on-call personnel - just customer service.

02Autopay for parking operators

Autopay is a Free Flow Parking Management System built to manage your parking simply and efficiently. Spend less time managing your parking, and more time maintaining a good parking experience. Improve your car park revenues by joining our digital revolution. Ticketless, barrierless, and cashless. Just happy returning customers.

Why choose Autopay Free Flow? Here are some key benefits:

  • Frictionless for customers. Self serviced and intuitive user interface on Autopay.io.
  • Lower capital and operating expenses.
  • Simplifies all complex processes and continuously removes operator tasks through automation.
  • Advanced technology, reliable software, and continuous development.
  • Autopay is cloud based and delivers best in class ANPR read rates.
  • All necessary monitoring and statistics.

03Integrated EV Charging

EV Charging is integrated directly into the Autopay platform. Monitoring, payments and statistics are all part of the Autopay interface allowing for easy management of both parking and charging in the same solution. Customers only need to use one payment platform and parking operators can manage everything in Autopay.

Why you should have EV charging integrated with Autopay:

  • Frictionless for customers. One payment solution for both parking and charging.
  • One less vendor to worry about, Autopay solves everything.
  • Monitoring, firmware updates, and even first level customer support is included.
  • Advanced technology, reliable software, continuous development.
  • All necessary monitoring and statistics.
  • We support many different types of EV-chargers.

Three ways of integrating EV charging to your parking:

  • Charging Zone: Designate an entire section of your carpark to EV-charging by using Autopay to set up a charging zone.
  • Manual start-stop charging: Sometimes infrastructure doesn’t allow for a charging zone. Autopay enables easy start and stop of charging through users Autopay profiles.
  • ANPR based start stop: By utilizing ANPR enabled cameras for each individual parking spot Autopay can activate chargers automatically.
Charging electric car

04Dynamic pricing

Autopay has developed a revolutionizing price optimization engine that provides demand-based dynamic pricing for both booking and short term parkers. The AI-based engine will maximize a car park’s long-term revenue potential. Airlines and hotels have leveraged Revenue Management with great success for decades. Now, Autopay enables advanced pricing for the Car Park Industry hassle-free.

Advantages of implementing Autopays Dynamic Pricing Engine:

  • Directly integrated with Autopay.
  • Optimizes car park revenues.
  • Integrates with third party booking engines.
  • Prices communicated in the garage with dynamic pricing displays.
  • Intuitive user interface to control pricing.
  • See traffic and revenue predictions in the analytics module.
  • Set special events to help the engine optimize pricing.
  • Ask the AI to set the optimal price for your garage.

05Autopay technology

Autopay is built on a modern technology stack by our large team of experienced software developers. The system has many components and services that communicate seamlessly together.

  • Autopay Onsite Server is our self-developed image recognition module, triggered by motion detection.
  • The Autopay IO cloud is a platform service built on Google Cloud, coded in Kotlin, Typescript, and React.
  • Autopay Analytics is a real-time analytics dashboard to help understand your customers and track your business performance.
  • Autopay Manual License Plate Checker Application ensures that all images that aren’t captured by technology are analyzed.
  • Autopay Electric Vehicle-Analytics is integrated in the Analytics dashboard with charging statistics, kWh, average time, and more.
  • Proactive alerts: Autopay status monitors all the components, cameras, server, payment machines, giving alerts if something requires attention.
  • Advanced trend analytics: Autopay business monitoring picks up trends over time.
  • Extensive API library ready to integrate with partners.

06Our segments

Autopay Free Flow provides frictionless parking experiences to a wide range of segments. Designed to support your core business with data insights and value added services.