Use cases overview

Private toll roads

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Welcome to the future of private toll road management. With Autopay, every pass translates into secured revenue. Effortless for drivers, efficient for you.

Key benefits

  • Fleet permit management
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Digital administration
  • 4G/5G enabled connection
  • Secures revenues

As the owner of a private road, you've likely noticed how your road becomes a path for many, often without your oversight. This unmonitored usage can lead to wear and tear, spiraling maintenance costs into unwelcome heights.

Autopay is your solution to reclaim control. Our technology enables you to effortlessly charge for road usage, embracing a new revenue stream. But that's not all. Implement low-emission zones to contribute to environmental health, manage who accesses your road, and significantly reduce your overall costs. With Autopay, your private road is not just a route but a smart asset working for you.

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Oskar Martinsson

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