Toll road management


Utilize ANPR for tolling and low-emission-zone enforcement.

Autopay tolling

Utilizing the Autopay platform to manage tolling enables frictionless tolling with digital management. You can use the same customizable tariff engine, access data in real time through tolling analytics dashboards and utilize all the other features available in the Autopay platform. Expand your offering beyond parking and help cities and private road owners manage tolling with Autopay.



Supports variable tariffs and vehicle type based pricing.

Tolling analytics

Real time data in back-office analytics dashboards.

Fleet management

Enables fleet management through digitized tolling agreements.


Delivery management

Control delivery traffic in pedestrian zones with Autopay Tolling. Utilize our ANPR platform for pre-booking and permit management to only allow pre-booked vehicles into restricted areas. Tariff based enforcement removes the need for barriers and you can assign time-slots for deliveries. All managed digitally with real time data available in your Autopay dashboard.

Low emission zones

Help your city reduce its environmental footprint and improve air quality. Utilize Autopays pricing engine to differentiate pricing based on vehicle type. Give EV and hybrid-vehilcles advantageous pricing and drive the change towards a greener future.


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