Parking Management

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Revolutionize your parking management with Autopay's ANPR-based and data-driven platform.

Your digital assistant

Navigating parking operations shouldn't feel like rocket science, right? Autopay's cloud-based service simplifies this maze for you. Imagine a world where every complex detail of your parking world is just a click away, presented in clear, enchanting dashboards and reports. No matter where you are, Autopay ensures you're always in the driver's seat, equipped with the tools of tomorrow.


It’s simply magic with Autopay's ANPR

Autopay utilizes market leading proprietary Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software to capture license plates as vehicles enter and exit your parking facility. We always use dual cameras to ensure that we capture both the front and rear license plate. Coupled with the comparison of multiple images for each entry and exit, we achieve exceptional precision.

Multiple payment methods for end-users

Our flexible payment solution secures payments, boosts turnover, and automates your operations.

  • Prepayment through booking or permits
  • Automated payment through web or app
  • On-site payment through pay station or third party app
  • Post payment online or secured through invoicing
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Manage parking permits online

Autopay offers digital parking permits for efficient and cost-effective parking management. With our intuitive app and website, you customers are in control by effortlessly managing their license plates with just a few taps. Whether you’re a parking operator or a tenant, our Permit API turns hours of manual work into mere moments. Choose from a range of parking permit structures that suit your needs.

Gain real-time insights

With Autopay's real-time monitoring center, Autopay Status, we’re transforming how you see and manage parking. From alarms to potential hiccups, get a clear picture and swiftly take action. Our system sends automated alerts to predefined personnel, with the option to add comments and share with stakeholders.

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Reduce your costs

Barrier-free parking means no more costly hardware, maintenance and on-site staff.

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Unlock new revenues

Increase your profitability with innovative solutions tailored to an evolving industry.

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Strengthen your brand

Elevate your business with sustainable and customer-friendly solutions.

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