Parking Management


Revolutionize your parking management with Autopay's ANPR based data-driven digital platform.

Digital operations

Manage every aspect of your parking operations with ease using Autopay's cloud-based service. Our web-based interfaces provide access to all your data through dashboards, reports, and APIs, allowing you to track business performance and gain valuable customer insights from anywhere.


ANPR based access management

Autopay utilizes market leading proprietary Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software to capture license plates as vehicles enter and exit the parking facility. We always use dual cameras, to make sure we capture both the front and the back license plate and compare multiple images for each entry/exit ensuring market leading read rates.

Multiple payment methods

Flexible payment solution that secures payments, boosts turnover and automates your operations.

  • Prepayment through booking or permits
  • Automated payment through web or app
  • On site payment through pay station or third party app
  • Post payment online or secured through invoicing
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Online permit management

Autopay offers digital parking permits for efficient and cost-effective parking management. Our user-friendly app and website allows users to manage their own license plates with ease. With our Permit API, the entire process can be automated, saving time and hassle for parking operators and tenants alike. Choose from a range of parking permit structures that suit your needs.

Real time monitoring

Increase your parking management efficiency with Autopay's real-time monitoring center.

With Autopay Status, you get a comprehensive overview of alarms and the ability to quickly identify and address issues. Our alarm system monitors all components in real-time and sends automated alerts to predefined personnel, with the option to add comments and share with stakeholders.

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Reduce your costs

Say goodbye to expensive hardware and operations with a digital future.

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Unlock new revenues

Unlock growth and profitability with continuous innovation

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Strengthen your brand

Elevate your business with sustainable and customer-friendly solutions.

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