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Autopay brings you a solution that's not just friendly for your residents but also lightens the load for your administrative team. Embrace a system where convenience and efficiency meet, making life easier for everyone involved.

Key Benefits

  • Automated access control through ANPR
  • Remove manual work and reduce costs
  • Customer friendly solution for citizens
  • Support toward a more sustainable environment
  • Integrated EV-charging

Municipalities hold the power to shape a greener, more sustainable future, starting with how parking infrastructure is managed. It's more than a duty; it's a commitment to your community and the environment.

Step into a new era of parking solutions with Autopay. Our approach significantly lowers the carbon footprint that traditional parking systems leave behind. But we don't stop there. We integrate EV charging to support the shift to eco-friendly vehicles, enhance service levels for residents, and champion sustainable practices within your community.

And there's an added benefit: reduced operational costs in parking management. With Autopay, your municipality doesn't just contribute to a better world; it also thrives economically.

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Oskar Martinsson

Senior Business Developer