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Arendal municipality, Norway
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Arendal municipality chooses Autopay

All the garages in the municipality of Arendal in Norway are Autopay garages thanks to the municipal parking operator partnering with public and private owners.

Located in the county of Aust-Agder in southern Norway, Arendal Municipality is a vibrant and scenic area known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and bustling urban centers. With a population of approximately 45,000 people, the municipality is one of the largest in the region. Arendal really comes to life in the summertime when tourists from near and far come to enjoy the pictoresque city by the sea.

Every year Arendal is home to Arendalsuka. Arendalsuka is an annual national forum where delegates from politics, NGOs, industry and the public meet to debate and develop politics for the present and the future. Arendalsuka is politically independent and aims to strengthen a belief in politics, political debate and the power of the Norwegian democracy. Needless to say, the town is packed this week, and a free-flow parking system is an absolute must to avoid queues and frustration for visitors and inhabitants alike.

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The municipal parking operator in Arendal is managing Autopay across several facilities:

  • P-hus Vest
  • Tyholmen P-hus
  • Arendal Hospital
  • Torget P-hus
  • Pollen P-hus

The Autopay ANPR system installed across all major parking garages in Arendal offers several advantages to drivers and parking operators alike. One of the most significant benefits is the ability to use a registered payment card to pay automatically across all garages.

This feature simplifies the parking experience for drivers, eliminating the need to carry cash or purchase separate parking tickets for each garage. With Autopay, drivers can simply register their payment card in the system, and the fee for their parking time is automatically charged when they exit the garage.

The use of a single registered payment card across all garages also reduces the administrative burden for parking operators. It eliminates the need to manage separate accounts and payment systems for each garage, streamlining the process and reducing the risk of errors.

Another advantage of the Autopay ANPR system is its ability to handle high volumes of vehicles efficiently. With accurate ANPR technology and a user-friendly interface, drivers can enter and exit the garages quickly and easily, reducing congestion and wait times.

The system also offers parking operators the ability to monitor usage and adjust pricing accordingly, ensuring that parking remains accessible and affordable for all. This level of control and flexibility is especially important when offering a customer friendly service to the citizens of Arendal and especially when experiencing surges in traffic like "Arendalsuka"

Overall, the Autopay ANPR system installed across all major parking garages in Arendal offers a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective parking solution for drivers and parking operators alike. By simplifying the parking experience and reducing congestion, Autopay contributes to the overall sustainability and livability of the city.