EV charging platform

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EV charging and parking management integrated in one platform.

EV charging integrated in your parking management

Our platform isn’t just about parking – it’s about powering up for tomorrow. Stay relevant and take ownership of EV charging in your garages. Our platform integrates EV charging, monitoring, and payments into one seamless solution. Collect payment, monitor, and manage EV charging through the platform. For your customers, it's a world of simplicity: park, charge, and pay – all in one platform.

Autopay supports many types of EV chargers, including monitoring, firmware updates, and first level customer support.

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Hassle-free pricing

With dynamic pricing, tariffs can follow the power rates or be fixed.

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Quick start charging

Use WEB or APP to start EV Charging quickly with QR-codes.

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Real time monitoring

Get all your data directly in Autopay dashboards, finance reports and APIs.

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Parking infrastructure = charging infrastructure

There is an untapped potential for destination charging, driven by your existing parking customers. Utilizing existing parking infrastructure for destination charging is a cost-effective and convenient solution for EV owners.

Repurposing parking lots and garages avoids the need for building new charging stations from scratch, making it an attractive option for property owners looking to install charging facilities for their customers or fleet. Dive into this transformation journey and let's light up the future, one parking spot at a time.

Charging zone

Designate an entire section of your parking facility to EV charging by using Autopay to set up a charging zone.

Manual start and stop

With Autopay, users can quickly start and stop charging via their profiles by using our app or the user-friendly web interface.

ANPR based start and stop

By utilizing ANPR-enabled cameras for each individual parking spot, Autopay can activate chargers automatically.

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