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Future-proof parking technology for Oslo Airport Gardermoen

It’s been several years since Autopay and operating partner Onepark won the tender ahead of the competition, and replaced barriers with free flow ANPR technology.

Autopay has run flawlessly for years, and OSL has benefited from stable operation across short- and long term parking, pre-booking, drop-off zones and valet services, spread over more than 20 parking zones and 23,000 parking spaces.

World class stability and reliability

At OSL, Autopay handles car parks on a large scale, while creating a smoother experience for both travelers, staff and operators.

After OSL replaced the old-fashioned barriers with Autopay, the service costs have been significantly reduced, with fewer employees on site. The shift from managing physical equipment to digital management has resulted in better data, which in turn enables smarter data-driven decisions.

Autopay Parking Management Suite, for instance, is built in close cooperation with experienced parking operators, such as OSL operating partner Onepark, and ensures operational efficiency as well as the latest technological advances.

High tech airport for modern travelers

OSL set the goal of becoming the most technological airport parking operation in the world. By implementing Autopay they are about to achieve just that.

The electric future requires future-proof charging solutions. In Norway, we eventually have a large fleet of electric cars, and more than 65 % of all new cars sold are fully electric. Autopay's electric vehicle charging concepts are key components of the solution at OSL, as Autopay provides a contactless and more convenient way to pay for charging of electric vehicles. OSL might just be Norway's largest charging facility.

Autopay EV-Charging is a game changer for parking operators and airports alike

EV charging

Autopay also offers a fully integrated dynamic pricing engine that generates demand-based tariffs in real time, based on multiple data sources. What makes the solution even more unique is its ability to provide accurate forecasts as well as fully optimize both roll-up and booking prices.

For decades, there has been little change in how people park and how operators go about their business. Today, both operators, staff and travelers demand better solutions. OSL has found the answer in Autopay. A world-leading, free flow parking experience built for customer-centric and efficient parking operations with the future at its core.

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Mikkel Neple

Commercial Director