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Tesla finds a home with Autopay at Sentrum P-hus

Inside one of our Autopay garages in Oslo city center, Tesla is live with Europe's first underground supercharger hub.

Adoption of electric vehicles has grown quickly in Norway, and Tesla has a huge market share. Needless to say, the demand for EV charging is growing quickly.

Before, Tesla didn’t have a central charging hub in Oslo. Now, by partnering with Autopay partner ONEPARK, Tesla found a home within an Autopay garage called Sentrum P-hus, a 1,500 spot underground facility in downtown Oslo.

“The agreement with Tesla is in line with our strategic vision and our wish to take more social responsibility.” – Mona Elisabeth Gladhus - Marketing Manager at ONEPARK

The customer experience is seamless as Tesla owners who are registered Autopay users are able to simply drive in, plug in, plug out and drive out. Being automatically billed for both for charging and parking respectively.


The advantages of integrating charging infrastructure into garages is that it utilizes existing real estate. Garages are already built and designed for parking, making them an ideal location for installing charging stations without requiring additional space or disrupting the surrounding area.

This puts parking operations in the center of providing destination charging infrastructure. We will likely see a lot more chargers popping up in central garages, both from Tesla, but also integrated with Autopay!

Autopay integrated EV-charging is even more hassle-free!

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