Use cases overview

Business parks

Cars in front of office building (AI Generated)

Frictionless employee parking with Autopay’s barrier-free solution.

Key Benefits

  • Digital administration of parking permits.
  • Fleet parking management.
  • APIs to automate permit distribution
  • Digital validation for guests.
  • Integrated EV-charging.
  • Flexible pricing to optimize revenues off-hours.

Remember the days when juggling parking permits across various companies and departments felt like a never-ending puzzle? With Autopay, those days are over. We've digitized the entire permit process and for ultimate simplicity and efficiency. Now, you can focus more on optimizing your parking operations and less on the minutiae of permit management.

Autopay also revolutionizes how external visitors experience parking. Thanks to our automated access system, the need for additional staff to oversee their parking is greatly reduced. Upgrade to a smoother, more efficient parking management system today!

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John Hjortland

International Sales Manager