Dynamic pricing engine


Optimize your parking revenues with AI.

Autopay delivers a demand-based Car Park Revenue Optimization System that optimizes all your parking revenue streams through dynamic pricing, including drive-up, pre-booking, and EV charging.

Unlike the static rates of traditional car parks, Autopay's price optimization engine maximizes profits for both booking and short term parkers. Join the revolution and experience the benefits of dynamic pricing in the parking industry.

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AI generated pricing

Use AI to set the optimal price for your garage and configure special events to help the engine optimize pricing.

Revenue forecasting

Get accurate forecasts through the analytics module with traffic and revenue predictions continuously updated.

Transparent pricing

Prices are communicated in the garage with dynamic pricing displays, and the intuitive user interface can be used to control pricing.


The prediction engine is trained on millions of parking sessions from multiple parking locations to provide demand and revenue forecasting as core of its revenue optimization. The PriceTech algorithm is AI-based and self-learning, meaning it detects new demand trends and improves prediction accuracy over time. External data, like weather forecast, road traffic and power rates can be combined with local parking data to provide the most accurate and optimal dynamic pricing decisions.


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We work closely with our partners to implement the Autopay Car Park Revenue Optimization System and train revenue managers.

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