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Autopay at P-Eliel by Helsinki Central Station

Autopay supplies EV-charging and parking management for a customer friendly experience at P-Eliel

Helsinki Central Station is a historic train station located in the heart of Helsinki, Finland. It is the main transportation hub for the city, with numerous train, bus, and metro connections to destinations throughout Finland and beyond. The station's iconic Art Nouveau architecture, along with its bustling atmosphere, make it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Helsinki Central Station is not only a gateway to the city's many attractions but also a cultural landmark in its own right.

P-Eliel is a state-of-the-art parking garage located at the Helsinki Central Station in Finland. With over 1000 parking spaces, it provides a convenient and secure parking solution for commuters and travelers alike. The garage is equipped with the latest technology, including a guidance system that shows available parking spaces that is integrated with Autopay.

No need for an extra app, pay for EV charging with Autopay

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P-Eliel parking garage, located at Helsinki Central Station, offers state-of-the-art EV-charging stations equipped with our Autopay technology. Our innovative system allows customers to charge their electric vehicles and pay for the service through Autopay, no need for additional apps. The charging stations are conveniently located on the garage's lower floors, making it easy for EV owners to charge their cars while they shop, work, or commute. With our Autopay EV-charging solution, P-Eliel parking garage is helping to promote sustainable transportation options in the heart of Helsinki.

Autopay welcomes motorists with a customer friendly way to park. The days of barriers, queues and having to keep track of both time and parking tickets are long gone. Customers experience a hassle free parking experience with Autopay.

P-Eliel is operated by Autopay partner EuroPark Finland.