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Quartier Heidestrasse in Berlin
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Autopay at Quartier Heidestrasse in Berlin

Quartier Heidestrase is a state of the art modern development in the north-western part of Berlin-Mitte.

At Autopay, we're proud to partner with Quartier Heidestrasse to provide our cutting-edge free-flow parking solution to their visitors. Our technology eliminates the need for tickets and pay stations, streamlining the parking process and providing visitors with a hassle-free experience. With our automated payment system, visitors can easily pay for their parking without any delay, and our solution also reduces the need for staff to manage parking operations. Moreover, our Autopay parking solution provides valuable data insights into parking utilization, allowing Quartier Heidestrasse to optimize their operations and enhance the visitor experience. We're excited to work with Quartier Heidestrasse to provide a convenient, efficient, and cost-effective parking solution that complements their innovative and sustainable urban development.

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"Quartier Heidestrasse is a vibrant new neighborhood development with a mix of residential and office buildings, commercial use, public streets and squares, as well as open green spaces. Cafés, restaurants and a local convenience center in the middle of the quarter create a pleasant, trendy, living and working environment. Quartier Heidestrasse has plans for 295,000 sqm GFA of commercial and retail space and around 944 apartments – with 25 per cent allocated as subsidized housing in line with the Berlin model of cooperative building land development." - from Quartier Heidestrasse homepage.

The parking is across 5 different garages, all managed by the Autopay system.

This project is set up in cooperation with our German Partner: Autopay Deutschland.