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Autopay Free Flow at P-CityForum in Helsinki

Autopay keeps growing in Finland. Both with parking management and integrated EV-charging

As a driver for change in the parking industry, we are always excited to see ANPR becoming commonplace in a growing number of markets. Finland has been steadily growing with new ANPR facilities for a while, but recent trends show accelerated growth, replacing barrier locations with cameras at a much higher pace than before.

EV Charging Get ready for a convenient and sustainable parking experience at EuroPark's P-CityForum with Autopay's Park & Charge charging service! We're thrilled to announce that 30 brand new charging stations for electric and hybrid cars have been installed on the lower level of the parking garage in area G. With Autopay's seamless charging solution, you can park your car and enjoy peace of mind while it charges. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for charging stations and paying multiple fees, and hello to a smarter, more eco-friendly way to park. Visit P-CityForum today to experience the future of parking!

With Autopay Parking and EV-Charging is managed in the same platform

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The days of barriers, queues, and tickets are gone, ushering in an era of seamless customer-friendly parking. Autopay, together with our experienced partner EuroPark Finland, are proud to be the driver of this change in Finland with several new locations opening up in the coming months.

The key to growth and adoption is Autopay's user-friendly solution both for end-users and landlords:

End-users experience a seamless way to park with several payment options, the easiest being with a registered Autopay profile and automatic payment: you simply drive in and drive out while the payment is fully automated. Receipts are found online where you can also manage all aspects of your Autopay profile.

Landlords manage everything through a comprehensive, user-tested online interface. Real-time analytics helps landlords understand customers' behavior and tracks business performance. Furthermore, the system can optimize revenue with a demand-based pricing module.