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Charging zones with integrated EV charging opening in Drammen

Norway has a large fleet of EVs, with more than 65% of all new cars sold being fully electric. Electric vehicles demand next level charging solutions. At Kinogarasjen in Drammen, EV-charging is always included in the parking price.

There are 26 charging boxes in Kinogarasjen, and the price is controlled dynamically, and ensures customers the right price. In addition, customers can plan to charge when electricity is cheapest.

With Autopay Free Flow, EV Charging is integrated directly into the Autopay platform. Monitoring, payments and statistics are all part of the Autopay interface, allowing easy management of both parking and charging in the same solution.


This enables landlords the opportunity to take ownership of charging, by integration.

In contrast to the past, where others have come in with installations, the landlord now has full control, when the operators take care of everything.

Customers only need to use one payment platform, and parking operators can manage everything in Autopay.

Autopay's unique and customer-friendly EV-charging concepts were key components in the solution chosen by Kinogarasjen, as Autopay provides a contactless, touch-free and more convenient way to pay for EV charging.

In the future you won’t even need a charging cable. Everything is done wirelessly. The car park of the future is all about simplicity, for both customers and operators.