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Radisson Blu Airport Hotel Gardermoen
Parking management

Autopay at Radisson Blu Airport Hotel Gardermoen

Within walking distance from the Airport terminal, the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel is an ideal spot for conferences, overnight stays in connection with flights, and also parking.

Radisson Hotel Gardermoen is a modern and stylish hotel located just minutes away from Oslo Airport, Norway. The hotel features comfortable and well-appointed rooms, a fitness center, a restaurant serving delicious local and international cuisine, and a range of meeting and event spaces. Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, Radisson Hotel Gardermoen is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a convenient and comfortable stay near Oslo Airport.

The hotel offers over 200 spots with Free Flow frictionless parking with Autopay. The parking is walking distance to the terminal, helping the hotel get additional revenues from long term parkers. Furthermore, through smart pricing with Autopay, they are always sure to have available parking for conference guests.

Hotel parking is all about taking care of hotel guests

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Conference guests tend to leave all at the same time, and congestion was an issue with the barrier system. Autopay solves this with its free flow solution. Furthermore, validating parking has never been easier for the hotel as they use the Autopay Tap n' Park solution.

With Autopay technology the need for tickets and pay stations is eliminated, streamlining the parking process and reducing congestion and waiting times. With an automated payment system, guests can easily pay for their parking without any hassle or delay. And with valuable data insights into parking utilization, our system helps you optimize your operations and enhance the overall guest experience. Whether you're looking to reduce staff workload or simply provide a more convenient and cost-effective parking solution, Autopay's free-flow parking system is the perfect choice for your conference hotel.