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Sandnes, Norway
Parking management

Sandnes Municipality in Norway opens three new Autopay locations

Autopay is happy to welcome Sandnes Parkeringsdrift AS as a new Autopay Operator. Sandnes Parkeringsdrift AS operates parking for the Norwegian Municipality Sandnes.

Sandnes is a charming city located in Rogaland county, Norway. With a population of over 75 000 inhabitants, Sandnes is Norways 7th largest city and is known for its rich history, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cultural scene.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of autopay parking in three garages in Sandnes, Norway. Our cutting-edge system uses license plate recognition to automatically charge drivers for their parking, providing a seamless and convenient experience for visitors to the area.

By eliminating the need for physical infrastructure like barriers and entry/exit columns, autopay parking streamlines the parking process and reduces congestion. This innovative solution benefits both drivers and the city of Sandnes by making it easier to find parking and reducing the environmental impact of traditional parking systems.

Municipal parking is all about offering a customer friendly service to your citizens.

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We are proud to be at the forefront of modernizing the parking industry and providing a solution that meets the needs of today's drivers. Our autopay system is easy to use and provides a hassle-free parking experience that sets a new standard for the industry. We look forward to expanding our autopay parking solution to other cities and continuing to lead the way in the evolution of parking technology.

Bystasjonen P-hus

Located in the middle of the downtown area, Bystasjonen has 471 parking spots.

Nygaardshagen P-hus

A modern parking facility with 136 parking spots over two floors now enjoys Autopay parking.

Holbergsgate 15

An outdoor parking facility utilizing Autopay to streamline traffic.

We are happy to welcome Sandes Parkeringsdrift as an Autopay operator. Also happy to welcome new Autopay users from Sandnes to enjoy a seamless parking experience.